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Despite Government efforts across the world targeting a reduction in teenage smoking, tBoy Girl Smoking1he problem of smoking in schools is on the increase with 8-10% of teenagers smoking on school grounds. Prime areas where sneak smoking occurs are toilets/restrooms. The problem is more than just smoking against school rules. Based on our work with ERIC, a childhood incontinence charity, “Younger children are often intimidated by older pupils smoking and vandalizing the washroom to such an extent that they just will not go in to use the facilities. This leads to many children ‘holding it in’ until they get home, which in turn created further problems and can lead to incontinence.”

Further, the UK Government  have decreed that school children should drink more water as this has a beneficial effect on learning capabilities. In many schools the problem of washroom smoking is solved by locking washrooms during lesson times, with children asking for the key if they need ‘to go’.

Why not join thousands of schools across the world and install Cig-Arrete Tobacco Control Systems? When installed and backed up by our 5 Step program to a Smoke Free School, the pupils themselves assist in policing the issue. Please have a look at our Education Page where you can download the program.

You can also download our Healthy Schools Brochure in PDF format by clicking here: Healthy Schools Brochure for the UK

or click here USA Healthy Schools Brochure for the USA version.


Stock Photo by Sean Locke www.digitalplanetdesign.comMany hospital and healthcare facilities have experienced problems with illicit smoking. Required by law to be smoke-free sites, facilities have installed our units in both internal and external areas to maintain 100% smoke-free premises.

The weatherproof flame detector (Part No CSA-FDW) is a firm favourite in hospital facilities to help reduce smoking at entrance areas and ambulance bays, whilst SpeechPOD and RadAlert Talking Signs have assisted over 500 hospitals in promoting good hand hygiene practice among staff and visitors, either in the washroom or at entry points to ward areas.

Sanipull Cleanable Pull Cords have been installed in hospitals throughout the UK, Ireland and the USA and provide a sanitary solution to the problem of dirty nurse call pull strings.

SaniSecure patient tethers have provided a clean and sanitary method of ensuring that patient bedside pendants are kept within easy reach and preventing damage to over bed panels.

To download a copy of our product brochure applicable to the Healthcare sector please click here for the UK version in PDF fomat:      Healthcare Products Brochure

Alternatively, for the USA version please click here: USA Healthcare Products Brochure



Smoke-free legislation is gathering pace globally. In an attempt to eradicate passive smoking, many workplaces in many countries are required by law to be smoke-free. Failure to maintain smoke-free premises can result in hefty fines for business owners. Cig-Arrête has helped protect many business owners from fines and has enabled monitoring of hidden and difficult to police areas such as washrooms and stairwells.

Cig-Arrête Tobacco Control Systems are installed in plants across the world, from large petro-chemical facilities to mail sorting offices and food process plants where hygiene standards must be maintained at a high level.

In many industrial applications, SpeechPOD and RadAlert Talking Signs are used to warn of special risks. In many industries workers come from different countries and speak different languages. All SD Evolution products provide multi-lingual language support and messages, ensuring that all workers are protected from potential hazards.

To download a copy of our current Industrial Products brochure in PDF format, please click here: USA Industrial Facilities Brochure

Hospitality Sector

nightclub-partyIn many countries smoking legislation outlaws smoking in pubs, restaurants, communal areas of hotels and nightclubs. Failure to prevent smoking results in hefty fines for the business owner. Areas that are particularly susceptible to illicit smoking are hidden areas such as toilets and stairwells.

Cig-Arrête can help to cover these areas and protect the business owner from prosecution and subsequent fines. In addition to preventing illicit smoking, Cig-Arrête SD Evolution products such as the Combined Flame and Smoke Detector (Part No CSA-FGV) can detect drugs that are smoked and also drugs that require a naked flame as part of the preparation process. The addition of a motion sensor such as in the Combined Flame, Smoke and Motion Sensor (Part No CSA-FGS) a warning message will be issued on entry to the washroom advising guests that the washroom is monitored to prevent drug and tobacco offences.

Cig-Arrête, SpeechPOD and RadAlert SD Evolution products are protecting thousand of buildings in over 30 countries. On our product pages you will find details of each of the products and also short demonstration videos showing you how the products work.