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CSA-FGV/R Wirefree Combined Flame & Smoke Detector c/w Voice Alarm

The SD Evolution Combined Flame & Smoke Detector, part no CSA-FGV/R is a wirefree product designed to detect a 25 mm (1 inch) flame at a distance of 6 metres (7 yards) within 1 second and cigarette smoke and provides voice messages in any language to warn of illicit tobacco smoking  i.e. in bathrooms, hospitals, schools and other businesses.  Available as a standard, battery operated unit with wireless communication to other SD Evolution products Messages in any language, can be easily programmed to the integrated SD card by using a windows PC, giving complete flexibility.

Installation is simple and easy without the need for hard wired connection.

Please check out the product video demonstration opposite to view the products operating performance.

Note: You will need one Remote Controller to operate this product. For details Click Here.

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