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Wodonga Senior School, Victoria, Australia

"After having some issues with smokers in our toilets I was told about these new cigarette smoke detectors from a colleague of mine at another school. After an impressive demonstration of the products from Health Tech Industries we decided that we would purchase this technology"


David Whitehead, Assistant Principal, Wodonga Senior College

Point Cook Senior Secondary College, Melbourne, Australia

“ We installed Cig-Arrête SD Evolution Smoke and Flame detectors manufactured by Radal Technology Ltd in our Year 12 toilets in 2013 as a solution to students smoking in this area. We monitored the situation over 2013 and noticed that smoking in this area ceased within a week of the detectors being installed. In a school environment the Cig-Arrête system has provided us with a solution to a Health and Safety issue that was a concern for both staff and other students”


Christopher J Mooney, Assistant Principal, Melbourne, Australia

Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London UK

"Great Ormond Street has installed Cig-Arrête smoke detectors as part of the implementation of its smoke free NHS strategy. The voice activated detector is a very helpful tool to remind visitors to our hospital, that they are in a smoke free zone and therefore required to extinguish their cigarettes. We have customised the devices and now children's voices are heard when the detectors are activated"

Maria Collins, Head of Smoke Free NHS Strategy for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. London, U.K

Holmfirth High School, Holmfirth UK

"I am writing to thank your company for the excellent work you undertook in the installation of the Cig-Arrête tobacco control system in pupil toilets across our campus. The way the installation was managed was excellent and we are very pleased with the product itself. Overnight it has addressed the problem. The issue has disappeared and other children who might have felt intimidated about entering the toilets are now much more comfortable doing so."

Dr A Williams, Headmaster Holmfirth High School, Leeds, U.K

Dixie Heights High School, Kentucky USA

"The students are thanking me for installing them [the units]. It is just awesome. Not one cigarette butt has been found in a restroom. Because of this success, other high schools in the area are looking in to the system."

Kim Banta, Principal, Dixie Heights High School Kentucky USA

No Ash in Ashfield Girls' High School, Belfast, Ireland

"Within a matter of days we had eradicated a problem we had struggled for years to solve”. This sends a positive message to all present and prospective pupils and parents. We can market ourselves as a smoke free school!"

Mrs Adeline Dinsmore, Principal Ashfield Girls' High School, Belfast, Ireland

New Miami High School, Hamilton, OH, USA

"We are very pleased with the alarm’s performance and results,” he said. “I absolutely recommend the Cig-Arrête system. We are very happy to say that we now have welcoming, smoke-free restrooms as a result of using this system."

Mr Sid Imhoff, Assistant Principal, New Miami High School, Hamilto, OH, USA

Times Educational Supplement Article

"They can run but they cannot hide. Pupils sneaking off for a quick smoke in the toilets are about to see their plans go up in a puff of smoke."

Nicolas Barnard, Times Reporter, London, England