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About Us


profileRadal Technology Ltd was formed in 1998 with the specific aim of developing the world’s cigarette smoke detection system.

Following months of research and development, the first system to carry the trademark Cig-Arrete brand was installed in Rossett High School, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with tremendous success – especially from the students who were particularly enthusiastic.

A number of further installations in other schools quickly followed as a result of referrals from school to school, until the media picked up on the new ‘magic’ product that could prevent teenagers smoking at school.

International press and TV coverage featuring the new cigarette smoke detection systems led to a major increase in Radal’s sales of Cig-Arrete products into schools as far away as New Zealand. Today, the Cig-Arrete brand is internationally recognised and specified by governments, schools, hospitals and businesses in over 35 countries in over 40 different languages.

The new SD Evolution products launched in 2013 are the first products to incorporate multi-language support as standard, with each product containing a Flash Memory Card capable of storing hundreds of voice messages in any single or multiple languages making Cig-Arrête SD Evolution a truly international product.

USA Office

Radal Technology USA LLC was set up in 2008 with the specific aim of offering the highest levels of  service to our growing customer base in North America and Canada. In 2011 the company successfully went through the onerous process of gaining Verified Vendor status to the USA Federal Government.

The recent development of SpeechPOD and RadAlert Talking Signs has enabled the company to provide health and safety and infection control products to the NHS Hospital network in the UK and more latteryly in America and Canada. Both products provide voice messages supporting staff, patients and visitors to maintain strict infection control procedures and hand washing or sanitization on entry to ward areas.

Innovation is at the heart of the company and as a result we are continually enhancing our cigarette smoke detection products and developing new ones. In addition to investing heavily in product development, Radal Technology Ltd has sought to protect the marketing brand associated with such a unique product range. The company has acquired international trademarks for the Cig-Arrête logo and brand name in the U.K, federal trademarks across the USA and more recently across Europe.

What We Do


The new Cig-Arrête SD Evolution range are the first tobacco detection products to incorporate multi-sensor technology. Our customers can choose from simple flame or smoke detection, to flame and smoke or even flame, smoke and motion detection. All SD Evolution product contain a standard 2GB SD card onto which hundreds of voice messages in any single language or multiple languages can be recorded and saved. As each of the detection elements are activated, the messages of your choice are played.

At the same time, all SD Evolution products output a signal, either hard wired or by wire free link to other detector within the washroom, or outside in other locations to alert teachers or security staff. Please take a look at our products page and watch our short product videos and see how the SD Evolution products can enhance your facility and prevent fines for illicit smoking.

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