Cleanable pull cords
Cleanable pull cords

What Are Sanipull Products?

One of the major areas of infection 'pick up' in hospitals, clinics and care homes are the string pulls used for emergency call points such as nurse call, disabled toilet alarms and of course string lighting pulls.


Traditionally, the ceiling pulls are manufactured using string (twisted fibre) pulls along with grasp handles. many people use the string instead of the grasp handles leading to bacteria growth on the surface and within the fibres. These types of pulls are very difficult to clean as the bacteria grows into the fibres and resurfaces following cleaning.


The Sanipull solution to this problem was to manufacture a strong and durable vinyl ribbon which has a smooth surface and can be cleaned with a simple wipe of disinfectant solution. There are no internal fibres which means that bacteria cannot hide and resurface. In addition to the unique Sanipull ribbon - which is more visible to the user, a collection of ancillaries are available to connect the ribbon to a string ceiling switch and aesthetically designed grasp handles for ease of use and to comply fully with HTM 0803.

Sanipull - The Hygienic and Safe Cleanable Pullcord


Sanipull products are designed with hygiene as a priority, but in addition provide a durable, highly visible and ergonomic product which is easy to use by the elderly and infirm - the most likely people to use an emergency or nurse call system.


Sanipull products have been sold throughout the UK since 2008 and have become the most trusted and specified product of its type throughout the NHS, Care Homes and restaurants.

Sanipull Products are Safe and Effective

Sanipull Anti-Ligature Ribbon


A feature of Sanipull products is that they can be safely installed in sensitive areas such mental health facilities, where the anti-ligature design mitigates against self harm by vulnerable clients. The specially designed ribbon is designed to break at a certain force rendering the product safe for use throughout these high risk areas. Traditional string pulls and nylon cords cannot offer this safety feature.

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